Ancient coins, figurine confiscated by police in Turkey's Antalya

Published 08.02.2019 00:07
emDHA Photo/em
DHA Photo

Anti-smuggling police in Turkey's southern Antalya province confiscated 230 ancient coins and an ancient figurine which turned out to be knock-offs, reports said Friday.

Police reportedly carried out a raid after receiving intelligence that some suspects had the ancient artifacts inside a house located in Alanya district.

Upon their arrival, police discovered the coins and the figurine hidden inside a toilet flush tank.

An examination of the artifacts revealed that they were fake and were used by suspects to swindle large sums of money.

The coastal city of Antalya has been home to old civilizations, some of whose religious legacies still stand.

Thousands of anti-smuggling operations are carried across Turkey every year to halt the illegal sale of historical objects and protect the country's rich cultural heritage.

The issue is crucial to a country that is home to about 3,000 ancient cities from 42 civilizations, and whose tourism industry relies on its rich historical heritage to attract millions of foreigners each year.

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