Death toll in alcohol poisoning rises to 18

Published 17.07.2019 00:13

The number of people who died in Turkey in one month from suspected methyl alcohol poisoning rose to 18. Officials announced that two people hospitalized for suspected poisoning died late Monday and yesterday in the southern city of Adana.

One of them, 58-year-old Z.S., was admitted to a hospital in the city on July 12, while the other victim, a 64-year-old man, was hospitalized on Monday night. Overall, eight people have died in Adana in one month of methyl alcohol poisoning. Nine deaths from the same cause were reported in Mersin, which neighbors Adana. Another person died recently in the central city of Niğde.

Authorities have launched an investigation into a string of deaths blamed on methyl alcohol, which is commonly used as a cheap substitute by illegal home brewers. Police have raided businesses selling the product and illegally produced drinks containing methyl alcohol in recent weeks. Twelve people are still undergoing treatment for suspected alcohol poisoning in Adana.

Experts warn that methyl alcohol, commonly used in chemical cleaning products, can be deadly when consumed.

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