Southwestern city of Muğla has most cars per person

Published 09.08.2019 00:16

The number of vehicles in Turkey surpassed 23 million this summer and Muğla, a popular holiday destination, has the most vehicles per person. There is one vehicle for every two people in the southwestern city, figures by Turkish Statistical Agency (TurkStat) show. Overall, there is one vehicle per four people in the country where more than 54% of registered vehicles are cars.

Istanbul has the most vehicles at 4.1 million and it was followed by the capital Ankara with 2.3 million cars. There were only 9,372 vehicles in Tunceli, the eastern province with the least number of vehicles.

Muğla shares the highest number of vehicles per person with Burdur, another western city. The lowest number of vehicles per person was in the southeastern city of Hakkari where there is only one vehicle per 133 people.

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