Turkey detains 15 suspects in connection with Bursa terror attack

Published 28.04.2016 10:07
Updated 28.04.2016 11:31
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DHA Photo

Turkey has detained 15 suspects on Thursday in connection with a suicide bomb attack in the northwestern city of Bursa which wounded 13 people.

Police detained 15 people in Bursa, Istanbul and two other cities on Thursday.

Interior Minister Efkan Ala has said that the suicide bomber has terror group affiliations, and the group's name will be announced when it is verified.

A suicide attack carried out by a female terrorist in Turkey's Bursa province near the historic Ulu (Grand) Mosque injured 13 people on Wednesday, while the bomber was killed in the explosion.

Police sources told reporters at the scene that the woman was 25-years-old; and the bomb probably exploded earlier than planned, preventing a high number of casualties.

The blast took place as a funeral prayer that followed the afternoon prayer was about to be held at the mosque.

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