Turkish interior minister: 108 terrorist acts prevented this year

Published 02.06.2016 00:30

Interior Minister Efkan Ala speaking in Ankara on Monday said operations against terrorist organizations in southeast Turkey are ongoing, adding that 108 attempted terrorist attacks have been stopped since the beginning of 2016. Ala added that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government has fought against terrorism since 2002.

Underlining that 95 percent of the Şırnak district has been purged of terrorists, and 85 percent of Nusaybin, Ala stated that operations will soon be over in Şırnak, while they will end in Nusaybin in the medium term.

While operations in the area are nearly finished, Ala said the curfew in Nusaybin and Sur will not be lifted as investigations are ongoing against terrorist organizations. Ala added that nighttime curfews will continue in the districts of Silopi, İdil, Cizre and Yüksekova. Ala added that the reason for the curfews is to protect the lives and property of locals, adding that damages in the area are being compensated by the government.

Speaking about Turkey's response to terrorism more broadly, Ala said: "Until now, Turkey has applied deportation orders for 49,343 foreigners from 144 different countries. We deported 3,513 people from 97 different countries." He added that 5,172 people were taken into custody on suspicion of connections to terrorism, while 1,590 were arrested.

Recent governorate appointments included many districts in the southeast. The relocations and the new appointments are considered as a part of ongoing reconstruction in the region. Bayburt Governor Yusuf Odabaş and Iğdır Governor Davut Haner were moved to central office; while Batman Governor Azmi Çelik was relocated to Eskişehir; Mardin Governor Ömer Faruk Koçak to Aydın; Şanlıurfa Governor İzzettin Küçük to Bursa; Balıkesir Governor Mustafa Yaman to Mardin; and Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna to Şanlıurfa. Some chief civil inspectors who were appointed as a governor for the first time included Cüneyt Orhan Toprak as Hakkari Governor; Turgay Alpman as Iğdır Governor; and İsmail Çataklı as Kilis Governor.

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