Authorities detain 4 DAESH suspects, kill 2 near border

Published 15.06.2016 00:00

Four DAESH suspects, including three foreign nationals, were detained yesterday in an operation in southeastern Kahramanmaraş province.

Security sources said anti-terror police units performed simultaneous operations at two addresses and detained four people who are suspected DAESH militants, including three Uzbek nationals. Following their investigations, the detainees were referred to court on the charge of being members of a terrorist organization.

In a separate incident, two DAESH members attempting to cross the Syrian border into Turkey were killed on June 10 by border guards. Despite warnings to halt from the guards, the two individuals, who were detected with thermal cameras, were later shot for disobeying the warnings. Although identity cards were not found on the bodies, guards said they were DAESH militants. The suspected militants' bodies were sent to a morgue following an inquiry.

Additionally, at least five DAESH terrorists were killed early Monday in northern Syria in a Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and U.S.-led coalition operation, security sources said.According to security sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking with the media, on Monday Turkish howitzers hit DAESH targets that were reportedly readying to attack Turkey.

The targets were two buildings containing Katyusha rocket launchers and mortars, the sources said.

Coalition forces also conducted three airstrikes on DAESH positions in Syria, the sources added.

According to a TSK statement on Saturday, 33 DAESH targets in Syria were hit with howitzers and rocket launchers from Turkey, supported by nine U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.In the operations, 31 DAESH terrorists were killed, the statement said.

The Turkish town of Kilis has been repeatedly struck by rocket fire from across the border since mid-January. The Kilis city center is 6 kilometers from the Syrian border, and has been repeatedly struck by cross-border rocket fire, which has killed more than 20 civilians and injured dozens more.

As it recognized DAESH as a terrorist organization on Oct. 10, 2013 in an official declaration, Turkey continues to fight the organization both with military precautions along the Syrian border and with extensive investigations inside the country to cut off supply and recruitment routes.

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