Video: Gülen confesses plans to overthrow government all along

Published 16.08.2016 13:08
Updated 16.08.2016 13:17

A video showing the Gülenist terror-cult's U.S.-based leader Fetullah Gülen claiming to have planned to overthrow the government in Turkey recently emerged on social media circles.

In the video, which appears to have been shot at least a decade ago, Gülen criticizes those who accuse him of trying to obtain power through his organization disguised as a religious community, admitting that he had planned to overthrow the government since he was 20 years old.

Gülen says that he would not "condescend" to obtain power.

For many years, he was criticized by his opponents for trying to infiltrate into state institutions and having an ambiguous stance in political issues, rather than openly taking part in party politics.

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