Operation Euphrates Shield update: Day 53, 80 Daish terrorists killed


The Turkish army hit at least 80 Daish targets in northern Syria on Friday as part of the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield, according to the military.

In a statement issued Saturday, the Turkish Armed Forces said 80 Daish targets had been hit and the Free Syrian Army was supported.

Turkish warplanes also destroyed two military quarters and three buildings.

The army added that since the beginning of the operation in late August, 28 mines and 1,156 handmade explosives of Daish terrorists have been safely destroyed.

It also said the armed forces had taken "all kinds" of measures for the civilians in the region.

Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield on Aug. 24 to drive Daish out of the border region. The mission has seen Turkish air power, tanks, artillery, and troops support the Free Syrian Army across northern Syria.

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