Daesh tunnels discovered in liberated Bashiqa

Published 09.11.2016 22:38

In the broader push to drive Daesh out of Iraq's second largest city Mosul and liberate its residents from the brutality and mass killings witnessed under Daesh control, peshmerga forces have discovered secret tunnels built by Daesh while storming the town of Bashiqa in Northern Iraq. Located in small villages, the tunnels span 200 meters in length and connect the homes located along the tunnel routes which were used by the militants to move safely from one home to another during airstrikes.

Daily Sabah recently traveled to one of these villages near Mosul and got a first-hand look at one of these tunnels. A local villager who allowed us to enter his home and asked, "Would you like to see the Daesh tunnel?" as he pointed to one of the rooms inside his home. The tunnel was reportedly used by the militants to move from one home to another undetected as fighter jets bombed the villages. . "We did not expect to see our home intact because they drilled tunnels and destroyed our walls. Everything was left as is [unused]. We are in shock," the villager said.

Peshmerga forces have uncovered more than just secret tunnels in the recently liberated villages around Mosul. Some 100 decapitated corpses have been discovered in mass graves east of the Daesh stronghold, the remains of a series of massacres the militants have committed since they seized large swaths of land across central and Northern Iraq in the summer of 2014.

Many of the murders were documented by Daesh militants who circulated gruesome images and videos online. On Monday, Iraqi soldiers advancing into the town of Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul discovered a pit that contained the skeletal remains of dozens of victims, according to the Joint Military Command.

Operation Euphrates Shield

update: Day 78, FSA clears

7 more villages

Syrian opposition forces have captured seven more villages in northern Syria as part of Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish military said yesterday.

According to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), Syrian opposition forces "gained most control" of the villages of Numan, Soussoum Baat, Tall Jurji, Shabiran, Tarhin, Tabajiq and Maziji south of the town of al-Rai Tuesday.

The statement said six Daesh terrorists were killed in two airstrikes carried out by the U.S.-led coalition forces in the region, while two opposition fighters were killed and 26 others injured during Tuesday's clashes.

The TSK also hit 90 Daesh and five PKK/PYD targets including shelters, command and control centers, arms and vehicles.

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