Security ensured in areas liberated by Turkey-backed FSA

Published 17.05.2017 23:17
Updated 17.05.2017 23:18

The social, judicial and security situation in the areas of northern Syria liberated from Daesh by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) backed by Turkey is being reshaped as locals welcome a terror-free, peaceful life. The Free Syrian Police and Free Syrian Rangers have largely ensured security and order in the recently liberated areas, preventing any further unrest. Currently, there are almost 3,800 policemen working in towns and villages under the FSA's control. Of the total, 2,000 police have been stationed in al-Bab, 1,000 in Azaz, 500 in al-Rai and 300 in Jarablus. This number is likely to be raised to as many as 8,000 over the next few months. All the members of the police forces have been trained and equipped in Turkey.

In addition, law enforcers have also set up security cameras around the towns.

Al-Rai Police Officer Major Firas Sheikh Muhammad said the police force detects and detains Daesh and Democratic Union Party (PYD) affiliated people.

"We handle 20 to 25 incidents a day," he said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish government is making efforts to ensure educational access for children in these towns, as well.

Under Daesh, schools were turned into prisons and torture centers, however, since the towns were liberated, schools have been re-opened for education. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education is working to hire teachers to send to the terror-free towns.

On the other hand, the Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) is also working round the clock to help meet the needs for housing, schools and mosques.

Turkey's now-concluded Operation Euphrates Shield paved the way for a better, terror-free environment in northern Syria. The operation, launched on Aug. 24 by the Turkish military and the FSA, helped clear an area of 2,000 square kilometers (1,240 square miles).

Following the liberation of Daesh-held towns, efforts for better living conditions and redevelopment projects have also been ramped up.

Turkey's bid to liberate Daesh-held Syrian towns and bring peace to the region seems to have paid off as the population of Jarablus in northern Syria increased from 3,500 to approximately 35,000 after Turkish military-backed forces liberated the city from Daesh. The population of al-Bab has increased after the town was liberated in March.

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