Foreign Ministry condemns Europe for ignoring on PKK activities

Published 17.10.2017 00:28

Turkey's Foreign Ministry condemned European powers yesterday for turning a blind eye on recent PKK demonstrations that took place in several cities across the continent.

The ministry in a press release said, "We strongly condemn the fact that a blind eye was turned to simultaneous and provocative demonstrations held by members of the PKK terrorist organization yesterday (Oct. 15) evening in various cities in Europe."

The statement pointed out that the terrorist organization's ability to organize large-scale demonstrations in multiple locations simultaneously was clear indication that the PKK was getting stronger. It also emphasized that Europe's lax approach towards the issue was only helping the terrorist group.

"It is noteworthy that during some of these demonstrations, public buildings were raided by a terrorist organization, listed as such by the European Union. The fact that this terror organization was allowed to make its propaganda and use its symbols is a clear indication as to how PKK terrorism is gaining strength day by day in Europe. It was also able to organize these events simultaneously as a result of tolerance shown in Europe," the statement read.

The ministry also reminded its counterparts that taking necessary measures against the PKK was of vital importance, not just for Turkey's security but for theirs as well.

"We are summoning the ambassadors of the countries where these demonstrations were held to express our reaction in view of these events," the statement added.

A Europol report issued in June cited Belgium, France, German, Italy, Romania and Switzerland as countries where the PKK could freely carry out propagandist activities and fundraisers. The report also noted the PKK's attacks against the institutions, community centers and properties of millions of Turks living in Europe.

Turkish intelligence sources said earlier in December that the PKK terror organization gains 30 million euros ($35 million) of income per year by collecting fees from its foundations in European countries despite the group being listed as a terrorist organization by the EU.

The terrorist group is also involved in drug, arms and human trafficking, abductions, extortion, murder and forced or voluntary recruitment throughout Europe.

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