557 YPG terrorists killed since the start of Turkey's Afrin op, military says

Published 27.01.2018 10:43
Updated 28.01.2018 20:24
A Turkish army tank is stationed in a field near the Syrian border at Hassa, in Hatay province as part of the operation Olive Branch (AFP Photo)
A Turkish army tank is stationed in a field near the Syrian border at Hassa, in Hatay province as part of the operation "Olive Branch" (AFP Photo)

A total of 557 PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG and Daesh terrorists have been killed since the start of Turkey's Operation Olive Branch in northwestern Syria, the military said Sunday.

Twenty terrorist targets were destroyed Sunday, with 37 terrorists killed in Saturday's overnight attacks conducted by seven warplanes, the military said.

All the warplanes returned back to their bases after operation, statement added.

In addition, nearly 340 PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG, Daesh terrorist targets have been destroyed so far during Turkey's Afrin operation in airstrikes carried out by Turkish Armed Forces, the military said Saturday.

The statement also said two Turkish soldiers have been killed and 11 others have been injured on the day eight of the operation while the death toll for the YPG terrorists stood at 53.

On Jan. 20, the Turkish military launched an operation on Afrin to clear its border of the PKK's Syrian affiliate the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its People's Protection Units (YPG) militia to prevent them from establishing an autonomous region, which Turkish officials call a "terror corridor," by connecting the northwestern Afrin canton to the Kobani and Jazeera cantons to the east.

According to the military, the operation aims to establish security and stability along Turkish borders and the region as well as protect Syrians from terrorist oppression and cruelty.

The operation is being carried out under the framework of Turkey's rights based on international law, U.N. Security Council resolutions, its self-defense rights under the U.N. charter, and respect for Syria's territorial integrity, it said.

The military has also said that only terrorist targets are being destroyed and "utmost importance" is being put on not harming any civilians.

Afrin has been a major hideout for the YPG/PKK since July 2012, when the Assad regime in Syria left the city to the terror group without putting up a fight.

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