PKK followers attack another mosque in Germany


An attack by PKK sympathizers on a mosque in Germany's north Rhine-Westphalia state during Wednesday's morning prayer has become the latest example of the terrorist group's onslaught on the country's Muslim community.

The attackers vandalized the mosque in Aachen city, breaking windows and sticking offensive notes on the walls.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Selahattin Demirci, the regional head of the Islamic Society National Vision (IGMG), condemned the attack and said that Muslims in Germany don't have life safety anymore.

"It is more frightening that this attack occurred during morning prayer. Our only consolidation is nobody got harmed during the attack. We call on all security forces to provide life security for Muslims, and find those who are responsible for the attack," Demirici insisted.

Attacks against the Muslim community in Germany by PKK sympathizers have soared as the Turkish government blamed Berlin for staying indifferent against the terrorist group.

Germany has witnessed a growing number of radical protests and violence by PKK supporters since the group launched a campaign two weeks ago to protest Turkey's Operation Olive Branch.

Since Jan. 20, PKK sympathizers have attacked five mosques run by Turkish-Muslim associations in Germany and have threatened with more violence.

Last week, several Turkish citizens were assaulted by Democratic Union Party (PYD)/PKK demonstrators at Hannover Airport.

The PKK takes advantage of the tolerant attitude German security forces show them and use the country as a platform for their fund-raising, recruitment and propaganda activities, which has been proven by Germany's domestic intelligence service reports.

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