Former German soldier nabbed on Syria border while trying to join PKK terrorists

Published 27.03.2018 19:25
Updated 27.03.2018 19:41

A former member of the German military has been captured by Turkish security forces on the border with Syria on his way to join the ranks of the PKK terrorist group and its Syrian offshoots.

28-year-old Patrick Kraicker was nabbed inside the military zone in the Silopi district of Turkey's southeastern Şırnak province on March 14 and has since been in custody.

Photos and digital material linked to the PKK was found in Kraicker's possession, while the investigation also found that he had been in contact with the terrorists in Syria.

In his testimony, Kraicker accepted that he was trying to cross into Syria to join the ranks of the PKK's Syrian offshoot the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Kraicker, who was found to have visited Turkey two times in the past, also stated that he served in the German military for four years.

He was arrested Tuesday by a court in Şırnak on charges of "aiding and abetting a terror organization."

Along with Turkey, the EU and NATO, Germany designates the PKK as a terrorist organization.

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