About 150 senior PKK terrorists killed in recent operations

Published 08.05.2018 00:00

Security forces have killed about 150 senior figures from the PKK terrorist group in operations conducted in the past 20 months, including members on the Interior Ministry's most wanted lists.

With decreasing participation in the PKK, the group has pushed forward its senior figures to fight in the field according to Anadolu Agency (AA).

In an operation conducted in Şırnak province in November 2017, a senior terrorist on the most wanted list, Hülya Eroğlu, who had a TL 4 million ($938,855) bounty, was killed. Eroğlu, who used code name Gülbahar, was among the so-called executive team of the PKK.

According to security sources, Eroğlu was also the only terrorist in the red category who was believed to be in Turkey at the time.

Terrorists are categorized into different color groups - red, blue, green, orange and gray - depending on the level of threat they pose for the country's national security. Red is considered the highest threat level.

The operations, conducted between Sept. 1, 2016 and April 30, 2018 in eastern and southeastern provinces - including Hakkari, Bitlis, Tunceli, Şırnak and Diyarbakır - where the group has attempted to establish a strong presence and bases, were supported by both air and ground forces.

In March 2017, another terrorist on the green list, Edip Yetüt, with the code name Erhah Siser, was also killed during operations in the Diyarbakır and Bingöl regions.

In operations carried out in Şırnak province a senior terrorist, Salar Ajam, known with the code name Saro, was killed in April 2017. Ajam was reported as an Iranian national.

A terrorist, listed on the orange list was also killed in Bitlis province's rural area, in April 2017. The terrorist was identified as Ahmet Tekin, with a code name of Bahoz. Tekin was reportedly a group leader in the area.

On April 7, a senior figure, Medeni Sayılgan, a terrorist in the red category, was also killed in an operation in Tunceli province.

In the same operation, gray-listed Mehmet Reber Çetin, was also killed.

The red category also includes U.S.-based Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) leader Fetullah Gülen, PKK senior figures Cemil Bayık, Murat Karayılan and Duran Kalkan, and Daesh-linked İlhami Balı.

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