PKK ringleaders sexually assault children, women held in terrorist camps

Published 12.11.2018 21:29

A member of the PKK terrorist group, who recently surrendered to Turkish security forces, confessed that PKK ringleaders have been continuously abusing women and children who were tricked into coming to their training camps.

Anadolu Agency (AA) reported yesterday that PKK terrorist, codenamed "Amed," said in a testimony that those who resisted were executed by the terrorists or were accused as traitors and tortured in caves.

According to the terrorist's testimony, Amed as a new recruit to the terrorist organization in 2015, witnessed another newly recruited woman terrorist, codenamed "Darsin," be sexually abused in Hakkari province.

Amed said he too was sexually abused by another terrorist of Iranian origin, codenamed "Sahan," in northern Iraq's Zap region. He said that when he spoke out, he was accused of "spying, telling lies and slander" and was placed in Kuker prison. In order to take them to conflict areas and "prepare them for sexual abuse," the terrorist also said the PKK would get the young people and children addicted to drugs. Commenting on the so-called ringleaders of the PKK in the Qandil region in northern Iraq, Amed said that they were known for their "perverted" behaviors.

"Especially Murat Karayilan and Duran Kalkan were known for their deviant behavior toward children and women," the terrorist said. Amed added children who were deceived, forced and kidnapped have been staying at the camp in fear of execution if they were to speak out or try to leave.

According to an Interior Ministry report released last month, the latest examination of numerous testimonies and interviews of former PKK terrorists portrays a detailed picture of the terrorist organization's exploitation of children.

The report states that the testimonies of these ex-members mostly illuminate the period following the mid-1990s which are full of "numerous undeniable human sufferings stemming from random rapes and executions of so-called traitors who were circulating such stories." According to these testimonies, children (both girls and boys) between the ages of 9 to 14 are forced into sexual intercourse with adult members of the terrorist organization, and resistance to such demands results in harsh punishment. Especially women who refuse sexual demands are accused for being agents and traitors. However, at the same time, people who are accused of sexual intercourse, especially the women, are also executed by the PKK.

The terrorist organization also uses rape as a means of punishment, according to the report. The children of PKK terrorists are either being sold to European states, one of the income resources of the terrorist organization or being raised as future terrorists.

"Such incidents have been kept secret and the victims of these incidents have been accused as traitors by the PKK," the report stated, adding that recently, the numbers of such testimonies have increased.

"After witnessing an increase in such atrocities during interviews, law enforcement officials decided to take a general survey of the inhumane sexual abuse, assault and bloody execution by the PKK in order to reveal the dark side of the organization," the report further said. The primary perpetrators of these calamities have mostly been high-ranking terrorists. Yet, the terrorist group and its senior members have been turning a blind eye to such stories.

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