Germany getting ready to extradite terrorist to Turkey

Published 31.01.2019 00:07

Germany's Hesse state is getting ready to extradite a terrorist to Turkey, who was convicted for his role in a terrorist attack in 2007 and completed his prison sentence in October 2018.

Speaking to Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) on the matter, the spokesperson of the Germany's interior ministry said that although Adem Yılmaz, who belongs to a terrorist organization known as the Sauerland Group, is currently lacking some of his documents that will enable him to be extradited, the state is doing whatever it can to send him to Turkey as soon as possible.

In 2007, Yılmaz was caught at a house in northern Rhein-Westphalia state's Sauerland region with chemicals enough to produce 400 grams of explosives. The group was reportedly planning to carry out a terrorist attacks on U.S. bases in Germany as well as supermarkets, night clubs that Americans go to and airports. Yılmaz was sentenced to 11 years in prison after his trial at the High State Court of Düsseldorf.

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