Reading room in school attacked by PKK offers victims support

Published 06.03.2019 00:32

A special reading room was opened in southeastern Turkey for students who have been victims of attacks by PKK terror group.

The free-of-charge facility was established in the İdil district of southeastern Şırnak province next to the Cumhuriyet Primary and Secondary School that was set on fire by the PKK.

Zafer Sağ, İdil district governor, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the PKK attacks schools to destroy the future of children. He added in the previous years, students had achieved good results in exams and were working hard this year as well. "We are supporting them to take this success rate higher," he added.

Families are happy that students now have a safe environment to study. Volunteer teachers supervise the study room and answer any questions the students have. Internet and television are also available in the room. The students can also paint and do music, Sağ said.

Hacire Mor, a 14-year-old at Cumhuriyet Secondary School, said she prefers to study at the facility for her exam.

"They provided us a very nice environment. Studying at home was impossible. I can study here comfortably," she said.

Hatice Zan, another student, said: "We are studying in a quiet environment here, and they offer tea to us. Our enthusiasm for studying increases when we are here with friends."

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