Ex-FETÖ school director faces new sex harassment claims

Published 20.05.2019 00:13

On Saturday, a second woman has come forward alleging the former head of a Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) -linked charter school in New Jersey sexually harassed her.

The woman, who is only identified as B.B. in court papers obtained by the Paterson Times, alleged a long pattern of sexual misconduct by her former superior.

The former science teacher is suing Danny Necimo, the former Paterson Arts and Science Charter School director, over a half-dozen incidents of alleged sexual harassment. Her lawsuit, filed Tuesday, says she did not encourage his advances. In one of the alleged incidents of harassment, the lawsuit says Necimo followed her to her car at the end of the school day, blocking her entry into the vehicle.

"I'm trying to figure you out. I'm trying to figure out whether you are gay or straight, because girls with short hair are usually gay," he said to her.

After the teacher told him she was not gay, Necimo continued to block her from accessing her car, saying: "What kind of guys do you like? Do you like rough guys or soft guys?"

He went on to make explicit comments about her sexual preferences.

The lawsuit describes other incidents, including one in which Necimo allegedly asked the teacher if she is a stripper or if her friends were strippers, according to the Paterson Times.

The newspaper reported that the teacher resigned on June 23, 2017, due to anxiety caused by Necimo's harassment.

The allegations against the former charter school director are the second this year. A former receptionist accused him of sexually harassing and touching her in a lawsuit filed in February.

The U.S. is one of the Western countries where FETÖ, responsible for the July 15, 2016, coup attempt in Turkey through its infiltrators in the military, remains active. It is home to a large community of Gülenists, including group leader Fetullah Gülen.

FETÖ operates 140 charter schools in 26 U.S. states, some of which have changed names over time, which were opened in the late 1990s and at the beginning of the 2000s.

Around 60,000 students attend the schools annually. These FETÖ schools are usually gathered under umbrella organizations and managed through foundations. For instance, 46 schools are named "Harmony" in Texas, 30 schools named "Concept" in and around Ohio, while some others are called "Magnolia."

Investigation launched into FETÖ school personnel

Many FETÖ-linked schools in U.S. have long been dealing with accusations related to sexual offensives. An office assistant that works at a FETÖ affiliated school in the U.S. state of Florida was detained for demanding "inappropriate photographs" from students.

According to local sources, 19-year-old Jaelen Alexander who works at the Orlando Science Contractual School, known for its close links to FETÖ, was detained last week for demanding inappropriate photographs from children. The detective report on the case states that Alexander is accused of wanting three students to send inappropriate photographs to him in return for money and food. It is also noted that he threatened to expel them from classes if they did not meet his demands.

The report adds that the investigation was launched April 29, and following the investigation, Alexander resigned from his job after apologizing to a parent.

However, the school administration claimed that they fired Alexander in March, to clear themselves in the case. In a press release, school manager Abdulaziz Yalçın claimed that he had no prior information on the case and had fired Alexander long before he learned of the scandal.

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