Torture, executions soaring in PKK camps, terrorist confesses

Published 06.09.2019 00:18

A PKK terrorist that surrendered to security forces on Sept. 2 in the eastern province of Van's Çataklı district exposed grisly intra-organizational details including abuses, torture and executions by the terrorist group.

"The surrendered terrorist stated that the PKK terrorist group started executions and torture within the group and that those fearing the same fate as the executed terrorists fled the organization like him with the aim of taking refuge at the side of security forces," the Van governorate said in a statement.

It was also revealed that children under the age of 18 are deceived into joining the terrorist organization with various promises and are forcibly addicted to drugs, abused and lastly pushed to death by being positioned out in front during terrorist activities. The surrendered terrorist explained that he was met with unexpectedly fair treatment by the government and that security officials accompanied him through all processes. "Those who want to surrender should call as soon as possible the numbers 140, 155, 156 if they can, since this is their only salvation," the surrendered terrorist said.

As stated by the terrorist during his first interrogation, Turkey's successful operations against the PKK, particularly with the leadership suffering severe losses, make lower-ranking terrorists pay for the failures of the terrorist organization. The Van governorate noted that operations with the aim of providing the people's peace and security will continue even stronger and more decidedly, again with the help of the people.

In late August, two other former female PKK terrorists who surrendered in Şırnak after being convinced by the Van provincial gendarmerie units said in a confession that the organization has been making propaganda with impossible promises in order to get youth in its ranks, and applied methods of psychological influence. Both young women also said that all young people who participated in the organization were disappointed after they saw the real face of the terrorist group with its immorality and that there were many members who are ready to escape the PKK.

"The terrorists said that a large number of terrorists wanted to surrender, but they have been exposed to groundless propaganda which says that if they surrender, they will get tortured and killed by the security forces," the statement said, adding that the terrorists have said that the members of the organization were exhausted and have lost their motivation as everyone is aware of the truth about the terror group.

The persuasion technique has been used by Turkish security forces for quite some time and so far over 408 PKK terrorists have surrendered since 2017. Within this process, the families of the terrorists are contacted and are being cooperated with. Apart from armed operations, Turkey also tries to prevent children from falling into the clutches of the PKK terrorist organization using several important methods. Many of the surrendered terrorists revealed the inner workings of the organization and said that a large number of militants intend to surrender but are locked up in cells the minute they are detected. The government helps the surrendered persons continue their lives without a trace of fear or oppression, giving them the opportunity to get an education and shape their lives.

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