YPG forces civilians to carry out attacks by threatening their families

Published 18.10.2019 23:06

Once again it was revealed how the terrorist group PKK and its Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG), have forced civilians to carry out attacks.

A mother and her 12-year-old son were caught in Azaz in northern Syria as they were planning to carry out a bomb attack which they said they were forced to do by the YPG and PKK terrorists.

The mother, identified only as M.Ş., said that her two children were forcibly abducted by the terrorist group.

Saying her husband died of cancer three years ago, M.Ş. added that her family was torn apart after that.

"There was unemployment and it was a very difficult time for us. We had to dig tunnels or join the group. Our condition was very bad. I did not know what to do. There is someone called Kaddafi. He knew that my condition was very bad. He told me 'I will give you a motorcycle and $600. Leave the motorcycle in a crowded place in Azaz.' We did not want this job, we tried to run away but they did not let us go. I do not want people to be like us. People should be aware of this. Those who join the group die," she said.

M.Ş. also said that there are strong differences between Manbij and the area liberated by the Operation Euphrates Shield, she added she felt like she was in a completely different world when she came to Azaz.

"I became very happy when I got caught before the motorcycle exploded. I do not want anyone to get harmed," she said.

A.H., the son of M.Ş., said that they were threatened by YPG terrorists. Terrorists threatened to kill his two brothers, one of whom is imprisoned by the terrorist group.

He felt he had to carry out the attack for his brothers. "When they first told me, I did not accept it. They said 'We'll kill your brothers or you'll go to Azaz. Leave this motorcycle at any intersection in Azaz and someone will pick it up.' They also said when we return, they will release my brother from prison and give us 600 dollars. They pressured my mother 'Your kids will die if you don't take the motorcycle there.'"

Saying that he misses the days when he went to school, A.H. added he had to do this job because the terrorists forced him to.

He also called on his friends to leave the terrorist group and come to the liberated safe areas.

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