PKK uses emojis as secret code for terrorist plans

Published 27.11.2019 17:53
Updated 27.11.2019 18:02

The PKK uses emoji figures as a secret code in the planning and coordination of terrorist attacks, a captured terrorist revealed Wednesday.

Three PKK terrorists captured by the security forces in Adana while trying to cross to Turkey from Syria back in July were proven to have intended to carry out a bomb attack. The trial of the terrorists, Miray H. (20), Kadriye O. (40) and Cevher H. (41) has since been concluded, ending in the life imprisonment of Miray H. on the charge of crimes against the unity of the state and the others receiving 15 years of imprisonment for membership of a terrorist group.

Anadolu Agency reported Wednesday that Miray H. would benefit from Turkey's current remorse laws, which allow for a reduced sentence in return for useful information. Having joined the group back in 2014, Miray H. said that the group has two types of coding techniques, one general and the other private, that were both used in activities such as bomb attacks and raid.

“General coding is known by all terrorist members. The group codes the locations of attacks according to the names of various singers,” she said. According to Miray H.. While one singer’s name could represent a coastal area, another could stand for a bar or restaurant.

“In the private coding method, however, emojis are sent to the terrorist privately. They make a list of emojis that will be used during the attack as well,” she added. Miray H. also revealed the emoji list on her WhatsApp.

According to her information, this private emoji list was as follows: "crying face" meant "continue to explore," "guitar," meant the attack would "take place at 20.00," "middle finger," meant "you may conduct the attack," "heart," meant "civilians," "cake," meant "I need money," "sad face," meant "the attack would be difficult," "pondering face," meant "where are you?"

“I was sending all these coded messages to the terrorist member that was in contact with me. It is strictly forbidden for a terrorist member who has been given the coded message method to talk over the phone,” she said.

Speaking of the training she received on weapons and explosives, Miray H. said that she had learned while carrying out five different bomb setups.

“They ordered me to conduct an attack. I was supposed to find a house and change it once a month. I was also ordered to introduce myself as an Arab tourist from Damascus. They told me to be eye-catching physically, wearing mini-skirts and swimsuits. They also told me to wear high-heels in spring and sandals in summer, as well as to constantly sport temporary tattoos,” she added.

Miray H. also expressed that she had been given a phone on which there were “Pre-uploaded photos where we were looking like lovers with our friends in order to not look suspicious."

She said she had shared all the knowledge of the WhatsApp codes she had over the last three months.

“I realized that the aim of the terrorist group was to harm civilians and that I was fooled. That’s why, in order to avoid an attack, I lied, saying that I felt I was being watched. I escaped thanks to this excuse. When I was about to start a new life, that's when I was captured,” she said.

In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the EU has been responsible for the deaths of nearly 40,000 people, including many women, children and infants.

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