Turkish soldiers visit bedridden child in Syria's Tal Abyad

Published 07.01.2020 17:42

Turkish soldiers visited 4-year-old Newe Shawwah, a child in Syria's northwestern Tal Abyad province who received an operation in Şanlıurfa's Akçakale district, the Defense Ministry said Monday.

The ministry uploaded a video on Twitter, showing the soldiers sitting next to the child and handing him presents.

"4 year old Newe Shawwah from Alibajiyah village in Tel Abyad was taken to Akçakale State Hospital due to discomfort. After a successful operation, she was discharged from the hospital and was visited by our soldiers while resting at home," the ministry wrote on Twitter.

Tal Abyad, along with other liberated towns and villages, has been put back on the road to normalization with reconstruction work. Citizens frequently voice that life is improving daily as a result of the reconstruction of the infrastructure, schools and hospitals, while roads and waterworks are also being repaired.

Tal Abyad is populated to a great extent by Arabs and was occupied by the Daesh terrorist group in 2014. A year later, the YPG occupied the city with the support of the U.S. Tal Abyad was cleared of terrorists as part of Operation Peace Spring on Oct. 13. Since then, locals have gradually returned with humanitarian aid being provided with the help of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the Turkish Red Crescent.

Terrorist organizations also left the region littered with bombs and improvised explosive devices in civilian settlements, such as in residential buildings and schools, under bridges and beside roads. The TSK has been working to detect these explosives and neutralize them.

A hospital in northern Syria's Tal Abyad province, which was heavily damaged when terrorists from the PKK terrorist group's Syrian branch YPG burned it before their withdrawal, is currently being restored by the Turkish Health Ministry. Thanks to nonstop restoration, the hospital has already begun treating civilians. Some sections of the hospital have been repaired while the work on the other sections continues. After a full restoration, the hospital will have a 75-bed capacity.

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