Davutoğlu we may offer Somalia military support

Published 25.02.2012 01:36

Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu spoke out regarding international aid for Somalia by stating, “We have kept whatever promises we made, you should to.”

Stating that the international community should support members of the African Union, Davutoğlu states, "Turkey is prepared to do this." Davutoğlu was speaking at a meeting held in London in which representatives from over 50 countries and organizations gathered in order to discuss Somalia.

Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, reminded that Turkey has opened an embassy in Mogadishu, however the international community has yet to come through on the promises made in New York and continues to operate from Nairobi and urged them to open their own embassies.

Davutoğlu explained that Turkey has reorganized the Mogadishu airport and Turkish Airlines will begin offering flights on March 6th. As for Turkey's efforts to improve the health system, Davutoğlu revealed that four hospitals have been completed and the construction of two additional hospitals is still ongoing and pointed out that security needs to be increased and public order established in Somalia. Davutoğlu also noted that Turkey is ready to offer support to African Union members.

Minister Davutoğlu also brought up the necessity to establish a joint security pact between Somalia and its neighbors. Meanwhile, United National Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed that this conference will in a sense open the door towards establishing peace and stability in Somalia and pointed out that there was no longer time to "sit and wait." Ban Ki-moon also thanked Turkey and England for bringing the tragedy in Somalia to the international agenda. British Prime Minister David Cameron also spoke out to Somalis stating, "We are here to show you that we are there to help and support you."

Amongst those in attendance at the conference was Organization of Islamic Coordination (İİT) General Secretary Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdüveli Muhammed Ali, England's Minister of Foreign Affairs William Hague and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Representatives from a number of international organizations such as the European Union, the African Union, the World Bank and the Arab Union as well as a series of Somali officials were also present at the conference. The second conference is scheduled for June and will be held in Istanbul.

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