PYD attacked Turkmen positions less than an hour after Syria truce went into effect: commander

Published 27.02.2016 00:00
Updated 27.02.2016 19:35
Syrian Turkmen commander Mahmut Süleyman Zengin AA photo
Syrian Turkmen commander Mahmut Süleyman Zengin (AA photo)

Syrian Turkmen commander has said that a cessation-of-hostilities agreement -- which went into effect midnight Friday -- had only held for 50 minutes before being broken by the PYD group.

In an address delivered at a Saturday conference held in Turkey's Antalya province, Mahmut Süleyman Zengin, commander of the Syria Turkmen Front's Fatih Sultan Mehmet Brigades, said the PYD had attacked Turkmen positions in the northwestern Aleppo province less than an hour after the deal went into effect.

What's more, according to Zengin, the Assad regime and Russian forces had attacked Aleppo's Handarat region at 1:52 a.m.

Regime forces, he said, had also attacked Acıbayır village in the Bayırbucak region, where Turkmen forces retaliated, both inflicting damage to regime troops taking losses.

"Today, under the cease-fire, we lost 10 martyrs and 20 injured," Zengin said, adding that clashes in the area remained ongoing.

He went on to assert: "The purpose [of the entire exercise] is to strike Turkmen positions."

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