Turkey calls to keep Paris accord

Published 02.06.2017 23:15

Turkey called on other signatory countries of the Paris climate deal to continue the fight against climate change following the U.S withdrawal from the accord.

"We hope that the other countries will not follow Trump saying, ‘If USA did it, I will also do it.' If they follow [him], this will cause the Paris deal to collapse," Mehmet Emin Birpinar, Turkey's chief negotiator for climate change talks, told Anadolu Agency on Friday.

The Paris Agreement spearheaded by Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, and signed by 195 countries in April 2016, aims to fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions and limiting global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius.

"If the Paris deal does not work, we cannot reach the targets [established by the agreement]. This will also make the world vulnerable to expected disasters within the coming 100 years," Birpinar added, calling on all the signatory countries to "take on the responsibility in order to prevent a catastrophe."

According to United Nations, 147 countries have ratified the agreement so far. Turkey was among the states to sign the agreement in New York following the COP21 conference in the French capital in December that saw states pledge to decrease their greenhouse gas emission levels. Ankara has promised to reduce its emissions by 21 percent over the next 14 years.

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