Fear of military action grows in Sudan

Published 17.04.2019 00:09

Sudanese protesters have hardened their stance, demanding the transitional military council be scrapped and immediately replaced with civilian rule as they refused to end a days-long sit-in outside army headquarters. Organizers fear the army is seeking to hijack the revolution on the streets, which saw veteran president Omar al-Bashir's three-decade reign toppled on Thursday by top commanders after four months of nationwide demonstrations.

The African Union warned the army that the country has 15 days to install a civilian government or risk getting kicked out of the bloc. Demonstrators are unlikely to be satisfied by the coup leaders' decision to stay in power for two years.

Al-Bashir's downfall through a military coup was the second time this month that a leader in the region has been forced out after mass demonstrations. The country's ruling Military Transitional Council (MTC) appears to be maintaining pressure on figures affiliated with the regime of al-Bashir. In a statement, the MTC announced the dismissal of Mohamed Hamid Suleiman, head of Sudan's state-run radio and television agency. Many members of al-Bashir's National Congress Party have been arrested this week, according to sources.

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