Generosity at its finest: Little boy donates 20 dollars to vandalized mosque in Texas

Published 21.11.2015 02:06
Updated 21.11.2015 09:39
Little Jack was awarded for his generosity by the Muslim community. (Photos courtesy of Muslim Guy/Facebook)
Little Jack was awarded for his generosity by the Muslim community. (Photos courtesy of Muslim Guy/Facebook)

In the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks by DAESH and its affiliates, we may have seen the best example of fighting Islamophobia as 7-year old Jack has donated all the money he collected in his piggy bank to a vandalized mosque in Pflugerville, Texas.

Even though people of all faiths supported the mosque that was vandalized with feces by donating money or laying flowers, his donation stood out.

His mother, Laura Swanson brought Jack to the Islamic Center of Pflugerville to donate what little boy collected in pennies, totaling 20 dollars.

Board Member of the center, Faisal Naeem said he was totally amazed by the boy's kindness to make such a donation.

"It's 20 dollars coming from Jack, collecting his pennies, but it's worth 20 million dollars to me and to our community," he said.

Little Jack was later awarded for his generosity by the Muslim community. They bought him an iPad, putting a warm smile on Jack's face.

The security forces are searching for the vandal(s) responsible for the xenophobic attack against the Islamic Center of Pflugerville. According to security sources, a torn apart Quran was found early Monday with a large amount of feces on it at the entrance of the mosque.

The act was classified as a hate crime by the officials.

The facility was not physically damaged by the vandals, and the clean up costs were estimated to be around 150 dollars, which makes little Jack's donation a big one.

Many Muslims from different mosques around Austin also came to Pflugerville Monday night to show their support.

"We wanted to express our support and say we are here for you as your Muslim brothers and sisters," said a Muslim woman.

"This is very unexpected and quite honestly, shocking," added Naeem, stating that misconceptions about Muslims or Islam in general may be the main reason behind acts of vandalism.

"With vandalism also comes fear," he further stated.

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