Muslim family sues US school for forcing 'terrorist' confession

Published 17.08.2016 20:37
Updated 18.08.2016 16:00

A 12-year-old Muslim student with learning disabilities was forced by New York school officials to sign a false confession stating he was a "terrorist," his family claimed in a $50 million federal lawsuit.

Nashwan Uppal, a seventh grader at a middle school in East Islip, New York, was harassed by bullies who called him a terrorist and demanded to know what he planned to "blow up next," according to the lawsuit.

Uppal, who did not understand what they were saying due to his disabilities, eventually responded that he would blow up the fence outside the school, the complaint said.

Following the incident, school officials yelled at Nashwan and instructed him to admit he was a member of DAESH before forcing him to sign a false confession and searching his belongings, the lawsuit said.

The New York Times reported that his mother Nubaisha Amar was told her son was "part of DAESH and was going to blow up the school and cops escorted the mother and her son to their home." Police officers then searched Nashwan's home, according to the lawsuit. Uppal, 12, is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani background. The New York Times quoted Attorney David Antwork as saying the boy was emotionally scarred.

A spokesman for the East Islip Union Free School District on Long Island declined to comment on pending litigation.

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