Toronto shop owner demands help as ‘kleptomaniac squirrels’ steal dozens of chocolate bars


A Toronto corner shop has been at odds with some unusual thieves lately. Paul Kim, the owner of Luke's Grocery in the Canadian city has set up CCTV cameras in his business to gather evidence of 'kleptomaniac squirrels' stealing his chocolate bars.

'At least two squirrels are robbing us. A black one (or more) and a light brown one (or more). Though we can't see the moment they steal [the bars] because [they] are displayed below the counter, we can hear a distinct rustling. When we come around the counter to try to catch them, we can see the squirrels running off with the bar in their mouths," he said, adding that his shop was struck by the little robbers over 40 times.

'[They are] slower than normal by that point, obviously because they have a huge and heavy chocolate bar in their mouths, but they're still hard to catch. We tried running after them, but they are still faster. A couple of times, passerbys and customers tried chasing after them with us, but once they go up a tree, the game is over,' he stated.

Kim and his daughter Cindy have been using social media to demand help for the squirrel theft and to log the incidents.

Logs such as 'October 8th, 2016. Stolen: Kinder Bueno ($2.00)' are seen on their social media posts.

Talking about the precautions they tried and ultimately failed, the shop owner said, openly demanding help from internet users worldwide:

'We also can't use the usual tricks for deterring squirrels. We couldn't, for instance, sprinkle hot pepper flakes all over the chocolate bars because little kids buy these things and might rub their eyes after etc. We also couldn't set up a barbed wire (like in the case of small openings) because, well, it's the big front entrance we're talking about. Please help!'

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