Manhunt of Cleveland shooter after live streamed murder

Published 18.04.2017 01:03

A man in Cleveland, Ohio is being hunted by police and even vigilantes after he shot a 74-year-old point-black, seemingly for no reason, and streamed the whole thing online.

The bald, bearded African-American, identified as Steve Stephens, went online on Eastern Sunday and live streamed the execution-style murder with his phone on Facebook. He also made a small series of videos which have been spread all across the web in which he claims he has killed 13 more people and will continue to kill until he's caught. Apparently he took these actions over his former "girlfriend" Joy Lane.

Stephens is seen, very calmly, walking up to 74-year-old Robert Godwin saying "I'm going to kill this guy right here, the old dude." He then proceeds to ask them man "Can you do me a favor? Can you say Joy Lane?" Visibly confused, Roberts looks at him and says "Joy Lane?" Then Stephens explains "She's the reason why this will happen to you." He then pulls out his pistol while Roberts raises his hands and tries to avoid Stephens saying "I don't know nobody by that name" and is then shot in the face by Stephens who proceeds to flee the scene. He then said that the old man was "dead because of you, Joy."

In another uploaded video Stephens is seen, again very calmly, talking to his cellphone, presumably with a friend, during which phone call he claims to have "a lot of built-up anger and frustration, man. […] I just killed 13 […], man. That's right, I killed 13 people, and I'm about to keep killing until… until, till they catch me." amidst various curse words.

He then hangs up the phone and talks to the camera, saying "Like I said I killed 13, working on 14 as we speak. […] just killing […], man, you know, all because of […] Joy Lane. You know, she put me at my pushing point, man, you know? I was living over there with her, woke up Friday, I was gonna take it no more, man, I just left; and here I am, massacring...."

"Today is the Easter Sunday Joy Lane massacre."

In a Facebook post on his since taken-down account he wrote that he would keep killing until his mother and Joy Lane called him, then provided his number again.

He then proceeded to recite his cellphone number to the camera and encouraged viewers to call him up. In another video he also blames his mother who he accuses of not caring for him ever even though he claimed he was "suicidal."

After Stephens live-streamed the murder of Roberts, a group of coordinated vigilantes in Cleveland were also hunting for him whilst avoiding police.

One of the vigilantes, a local man named Brian "B Rich" Richmond, wearing a ‘Punisher' t-shirt, live-streamed his search for Stephens as well on YouTube. Apparently, according to the radio chatter, a whole network of people was coordinating on locating the murderer while avoiding police themselves.

After approximately one and a half hours of streaming, Richmond is seen being stopped by police and directed to "cease and desist."

According to Cleveland police, there have been no other shootings or murders reported in connection to Stephens and his claims of having shot 13 more people are as of now unverified.

"Currently there are no other victims that we know of. We've checked several locations […] there are no more victims that we know of that are tied to Stephens." Said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams in a press conference. "We need to bring this to a conclusion. Today."

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