'I'm a Nazi:' Self-proclaimed Nazi Canadian man abuses Muslim woman in Manitoba

Published 24.08.2017 11:58
Updated 24.08.2017 15:12

A Canadian man claiming to be a Nazi verbally abused a Muslim woman wearing headscarf in central Manitoba province, telling her to take off the religious headgear, and "go back home," a video posted on Facebook showed Wednesday.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Kaniz Fatima, who is a Muslim Canadian living in Calgary, stands up for herself while a man claiming to be a Nazi shouts using aggressive and profane language.

The woman was reportedly asking for directions at a parking lot in a Winnipeg park, but the man started yelling after seeing her.

Kaniz tells the man that he is being racist, but he responds:

"I'm a f— Nazi b—!" He continues by telling the woman to take her "head towel off in this country."

The woman fearlessly confronts the self-proclaimed Nazi by saying that she can dress however she wants and says she lives in the country, works and pays taxes.

Meanwhile, two women step in, and tell the man what he's doing is wrong.

"Excuse me sir, what's your problem? They have just as much right to be here as you do," one of the women tells the racist man.

They also tell Kaniz that she does not need to explain herself to prove that she is a good citizen because she is "just as much Canadian as he is."

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Kaniz has been living in Canada for the past eight years and works as a teacher. She reportedly became a Canadian citizen in 2014.

She has filed a complaint regarding the incident.

Regarded as one of the most multicultural and tolerant countries in the world, Canada guarantees the rights and freedoms of its citizens under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

However, Islamophobic attacks against Muslims have skyrocketed in the recent past, with many Muslims reporting verbal abuse, while some Muslim community centers were targeted in attacks.

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