911 operator praised for helping stressed boy with math homework

Published 28.01.2019 22:32
Updated 28.01.2019 22:40
File photo shows boy doing math homework.
File photo shows boy doing math homework.

911 operators in the U.S. get all sorts of calls and they take all of them seriously – even when a young boy is having trouble with his math homework.

The Lafayette Police Department in Indiana released on Twitter Friday the 911 audio of the unexpected call they received on January 14 from a boy looking for help with his homework after a particularly rough day.

After being asked what his emergency was, the boy is heard saying "I had a really bad day and, I don't know."

Without hesitating, dispatcher Antonia Bundy proceeded to ask the boy what had happened at school to make him feel that way, to which the elementary school boy responded with "I just have tons of homework. It's so hard."

After narrowing down his problems to a single question, Bundy found that it was just an equation with fractions the boy felt stuck on.

Three-quarters plus one-quarter was the question that left the boy feeling overwhelmed.

Bundy then calmly walked him through the solution, explaining to him the answer, which is one.

"I'm sorry for calling you, but I really needed help," the boy ended his call apologetically, with Bundy assuring him that "You're fine, we're always here to help."

The police department said they don't recommend calling the emergency help line for homework help but praised the dispatcher for brightening the boy's day.

Bundy also received support on social media, with many applauding her for not turning the boy away and noticing he was stressed.

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