Concert season begins

Published 31.05.2011 18:13
Updated 31.05.2011 18:16

Taking the stage tomorrow night at the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park, Interpol will be kicking off Turkey’s concert season. Not only Istanbul, but a number of other towns throughout the nation will be hosting international stars for concerts throughout the summer.

Turkey is getting ready to host a summer full of concerts. The season's concert schedule kicks off tomorrow with a performance by Interpol. Throughout the summer, cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Ankara will be hosting a number of international stars, including Amy Winehouse, James Blunt, Elton John and Bon Jovi to name a few. There will also be a number of rock festivals such as Sonisphere, One Love and Roke'n Coke, geared for rock and heavy metal fans.
American indie rock group Interpol plays on June 1st at the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park. Former Eurovision contenders, Mor ve Ötesi, will be opening. Concert tickets are 55.5 and 130 TL.

David Helfgott
Throughout the month of June, famous pianist and inspiration for the film Shine David Helfgott, will be playing a total of six concerts in Turkey. On June 2nd and 3rd, Helfgott will perform at the Ankara Cumhurbaşkanlığı Senfoni Orkestrası Konser Salonu (Ankara Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall). On June 5th, Helfgott takes the stage at the Antalya Kültür Merkezi (Antalya Cultural Center). On June 7th and 8th, Helfgott plays the Adana Büyükşehir Kültür Merkezi (Adana Metropolitan Cultural Center). On June 10th, Helfgott will be playing a concert at the İzmir Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi (Izmir Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center).

Istanbul Music Festival
The 39th Istanbul Music Festival begins on June 4th. With the theme 'Journey to Far Away Lands', the festival hosts a 24 concert program. This year's star of the festival is one of the leading names of late in classical music Renee Fleming. This year the festival has branched out to a number of new locations including the İstanbul Modern, Galata Mevlevihanesi, İstanbul Üniversitesi Rektörlük Binası and santralistanbul.

Although last year Sonisphere offered a three-day program, this year Sonisphere comes to Turkey for a single day. The festival takes place on June 19th at the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park and hosts the heavy metal groups Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Alice Cooper, In Flames and Mastodon. Tickets are on sale for 148.5 lira. Stage front seats are 295TL, while VIP seats are selling for 520 TL.

Amy Winehouse
Five Grammy award-winning artist Amy Winehouse plays the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park on June 20th. Tickets prices are between 152 and 600 TL.

James Blunt
With a significant fan base in Turkey, James Blunt plays June 24th at the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park and will be at the Izmir Arena on June 25th.

One of the most significant funk musicians of all time, Jamiroquai plays the Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena on June 25th. Concert tickets are 108 and 261 TL.

One Love Festival
As always, the festival will be held at santralistanbul. This year's One Love Festival will host headliners Manic Street Preachers, Suede, Cake and Editors. The festival takes place on July 2nd and 3rd and tickets are 66 TL for adults and 45 TL for students.

Istanbul Jazz Festival
This year, the 18th Istanbul Jazz Festival will host artists such Paul Simon and English soul singer Joss Stone, Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Natalie Cole and Buika amongst many others. The festival is held from July 1st to the 19th.

Elton John
English musician Elton John performs on July 5th in Istanbul and on July 6th in Ankara.

Bon Jovi
Famous singer Bon Jovi plays the Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi TT Arena on July 8th, marking the first stadium concert this year. Ticket prices for what will be Bon Jovi's second time in Istanbul range from 75 TL to 550 TL.

Judas Priest and Whitesnake
Two of the greatest heavy metal bands ever, Judas Priest and Whitesnake play July 10th at the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park. Pentagram will also be performing for the show. Tickets cost 78 TL and 154 TL.

Rock'n Coke
After taking a break last year, the Rock'n Coke festival returns this summer to the Hezarfen Airport. Held on June 16th and 17th, bands Motörhead, Limp Bizkit, Travis, the Kooks and Moby will perform.

The last mega festival of the season, Unirock, will also be held at the Maçka Küçükçiftlik Park. From September 9th to the 11th, HammerFall, Between The Buried And Me, Opeth, Mayhem, Katatonia and Eluveitie will be taking the stage.

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