Once Upon a Time in Anatolia makes Academy Awards cut

Published 14.10.2011 11:27

The Academy has released the final list of eligible films in the Best Foreign-Language Film category, with submissions from 63 countries making the cut.

The total is two less than last year's record 65 entries.

TheWrap has compiled a master list of information about all the animated films, and links to their trailers: Oscar's Foreign-Language Submissions: The Master List

This year's crop includes "The Orator," the first ever submission from New Zealand.

Missing from the list are a couple of films that were submitted by their countries but disqualified by the Academy's foreign-language executive committee, which vets films to make sure the majority of their dialogue is in a language other than English, and the creative personnel hail from the country of origin.

Albania originally submitted "The Forgiveness of Blood," for instance, but the committee disqualified the film.

Although the movie was shot in Albania and is in the Albanian language, several key crew members were American and British, including the U.S.-born director Joshua Marston (whose first film, "Maria Full of Grace," was submitted by Colombia and disqualified for the same reason).

Upon learning of the disqualification, Albania immediately submitted another film, "Amnesty," which was approved.

A submission from the Central African Republic was also disqualified, according to an Academy member with knowledge of the committee's deliberations.

Among the notable entries: two animated films, the Czech Republic's "Alois Nebel" and Singapore's "Tatsumi"; the 3D dance documentary "Pina," from Germany's Wim Wenders; and works from such acclaimed international auteurs as Wenders, Bela Tarr ("The Turin Horse," Hungary), Nuri Bilge Ceylan ("Once Upon a Time in Anatolia," Turkey), Aki Kaurismaki ("Le Havre," Finland) and Agnieszka Holland ("In Darkness," Poland).

That last film is one of an unusually large number of entries from female directors.

The lineup also includes Leticia Tonos' "Love Child" (the Dominican Republic), Valerie Donzelli's "Declaration of War" (France), Ann Hui's "A Simple Life" (Hong Kong), Juanita Wilson's "As If I Am Not There" (Ireland), Nadine Labaki's "Where Do We Go Now?" (Lebanon), Maria Peters' "Sonny Boy" (the Netherlands), Anne Sewitzky's "Happy, Happy" (Norway) and Pernilla August's "Beyond" (Sweden).

"Pina" will be screened for voters in 3D, the first such screening in the category's history. It is also competing in the Best Documentary Feature category, but in that category, first-round voters will view it on 2D screener DVDs.

As usual, the U.S. company with the strongest presence in the field is Sony Pictures Classics, which currently has the rights to four of the strongest contenders and likeliest nominees: Poland's "In Darkness," Israel's "Footnote," Iran's "A Separation" and Lebanon's "Where Do We Go Now?"

Volunteer members of the Academy, divided into four color-coded groups, will begin screening the submissions on Friday at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater. After each screening, voters will score each film on a scale of six-to-10. They'll have access to their scoresheets if they later reconsider and want to change their scores.

Once the screenings end in mid January and the six highest-scoring films are determined, an executive committee will meet and add three more films to the list to create a shortlist of nine semi-finalists.

Two select second-round committees will then view the nine films over a three-day period; their votes will determine the five nominees.

The full list, with directors:

Albania: "Amnesty," Bujar Alimani

Argentia: "Aballay," Fernando Spiner

Austria: "Breathing" ("Atmen"), Karl Markovics

Belgium: "Bullhead," Michael R. Roskam

Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Belvedere," Ahmed Imamovic

Brazil: "Elite Squad: The Enemy Within," Jose Padilha

Bulgaria: "Tilt," Viktor Chouchkov Jr

Canada: "Monsieur Lazhar," Philippe Falardeau

Chile: "Violeta Went to Heaven," Andres Wood

China: "The Flowers of War," Zhamg Yimou

Colombia: "The Colors of the Mountain," Carlos Cesar Arbelaez

Croatia: "72 Days," Danilo Serbedzija

Cuba: "Habanastation," Ian Padron

Czech Republic: "Alois Nebel," Tomas Lunak

Denmark: "Superclasico," Ole Christian Madsen

Dominican Republic: "Love Child," Leticia Tonos

Egypt: "Lust" ("El Shooq"), Khaled El Hagar

Estonia: "Letters to Angel," Sulev Keedus

Finland: "Le Havre," Aki Kaurismaki

France: "Declaration of War," Valerie Donzelli

Georgia: "Chantrapas," Otar Iosseliani

Germany: "Pina," Wim Wenders

Greece: "Attenberg," Anthin Rachel Tsangari

Hong Kong: "A Simple Life," Ann Hui

Hungary: "The Turin Horse," Bela Tarr

Iceland: "Volcano," Runar Runarsson

India: "Abu, Son of Adam," Salim Ahamed

Indonesia: "Under the Protection of Ka'Bah," Hanny R. Saputra

Iran: "A Separation," Asghar Farhadi

Ireland: "As If I Am Not There," Juanita Wilson

Israel: "Footnote," Joseph Cedar

Italy: "Terraferma," Emanuele Crialese

Japan: "Postcard," Kaneto Shindo

Kazakhstan: "Returning to the 'A',"Egor Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky

Lebanon: "Where Do We Go Now?," Nadine Labaki

Lithuania: "Back to Your Arms," Kristijonas Vidziunas

Macedonia: "Punk Is Not Dead," Vladimir Blazevski

Mexico: "Miss Bala," Gerardo Naranjo

Morocco: "Omar Killed Me," Roschdy Zem

The Netherlands: "Sonny Boy," Maria Peters

New Zealand: "The Orator," Tsui Tamasese

Norway: "Happy Happy," Anne Sewitsky

Peru: "October," Daniel Vega and Diego Vega

The Philippines: "The Woman in the Septic Tank," Marlon Rivera

Poland: "In Darkness," Agnieszka Holland

Portugal: "Jose and Pilar," Miguel Goncalves Mendes

Romania: "Morgen," Maria Crisan

Russia: "Burnt by the Sun 2: Citadel," Nikita Mikalhkov

Serbia: "Montevideo: Taste of a Dream," Dragan Bjelogrlic

Singapore: "Tatsumi," Eric Khoo

Slovak Republic: "Gypsy," Martin Sulik

South Africa: "Beauty," Oliver Hermanus

South Korea: "The Front Line," Jang Jun

Spain: "Black Bread," Agusti Villaronga

Sweden: "Beyond," Pernilla August

Switzerland: "Summer Games," Rolando Colla

Taiwan: "Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale," Wei Te-Sheng

Thailand: "Kon Khon," Sarunyu Wongkrachang

Turkey: "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia," Nuri Bilge Ceylan

United Kingdom: "Patagonia," Marc Evans

Uruguay: "The Silent House," Gustavo Hernandez

Venezuela: "Rumble of Stones," Alejandro Bellame Palacios

Vietnam: "The Prince and the Pagoda Boy," Luu Trong Ninh

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