'I felt it was my duty to wave the Turkish flag'

Published 28.05.2013 19:26
Updated 28.05.2013 19:38

Second-place winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Azerbaijani singer Farid Mammadov paid a visit to Istanbul after his win and prominent display of the Turkish flag during the live broadcast.

Second place winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Azerbaijani performer Farid Mammadov was caught on cameras waving a Turkish flag. Commenting on the move, Mammadov said, "I was extremely sad Turkey did not participate in this year's contest. Therefore, I felt it was my duty to wave the Turkish flag there. Hopefully Turkey will participate in 2014. In my opinion, Turkey should participate, because it is viewed with great interest and is an attention-drawing event similar to the Olympics."
In addition to singing, Mammadov is also an avid wrestler.

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