‘Istanbul Breeze’ brings warmth to art in New York

Published 04.01.2015 23:00

Featuring paintings, sculpture and glass, ceramics and fiber art, the exhibition ‘Istanbul Breeze’ opened in New York and displays works of Turkish artists who previously attended the Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair in Chicago

To give New Yorkers a chance to discover the unique styles of contemporary Turkish art, the Armaggan Art and Design Gallery recently opened a group exhibition featuring works by nine esteemed artists at Bene Rialto, a pre-war building altered into an innovative marketplace, in New York. Launched last month with an opening gala, the exhibition "Istanbul Breeze" is a project by the Armaggan Art and Design Gallery. The art works were previously showcased at the Sculpture Objects and Function Art Fair (SOFA) organized by the same institution. Influential French writer and politician Alphonse de Lamartine's words clearly explain the event's starting point, "If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul." As stated in the exhibition description, "Istanbul Breeze" "consists of three dimensional works in glass, bronze, fiber art, mixed media and paintings. Whether is a symbolic painting, marble and bronze sculptures dedicated to the transcendence of the human spirit, fabric and glass that show an ephemeral nature or photographs of fishermen, the works speak volumes about the roles of men and women in a male dominated society." Curated by Armaggan Art and Design Gallery's coordinator Şanel Şan Sevinç, the exhibition is inspired by the city of Istanbul and illustrates different art techniques, styles, mediums and life perspectives. Reflecting the city's energetic life, Aslı Kutluay, Meral Değer, Dinçer Güngörür, Ayşegül Kırmızı, Dilek Aydıncıoğlu, Camekan, Nadia Arditti, Semra Özümerzifon and Derya Özparlak are the exhibition's featured artists. The opening ceremony welcomed the president of the Turkish Coalition of America, Lincoln McCurdy, Turkey's New York Consul General Ertan Yalçın, representatives of various Turkish societies and foundations and American art lovers.

Among the featured event artists, Meral Değer is an award-winner Turkish artist who has excelled in jewelry and glass design. She uses mythological symbols and both abstract and concrete forms on her works, which interact with light. Another featured artist, Dilek Aydıncıoğlu, is an independent artist and researcher specializing in ceramic arts. She applies porcelain and stoneware techniques in her art and has been leading a number of architectural projects regarding large-scale murals and sculptures for private companies and government institutions. Istanbul-born Nadia Arditti, who later migrated to Geneva with her family, invites visitors to understand the nature of women and their desires through her bronze sculptures. Her monumental sculptures can be seen in public and private collections in the U.S., Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Spain and China. Turkish artist Ayşegül Kırmızı joins the exhibition with her paintings portraying single women. Her works touch upon the feminine world using woman's sentimental and childlike nature along with their strengths. Elegant glass pieces of Camekan, a collaboration of Gamze Araz Eskinazi and Yasemin Sayınsoy, are the next creative works that mirror the experiences of two women interested in the blowing techniques of hot glass. The works of other artists will take visitors to the depth of Turkish art, as well. Designer and artist Aslı Kutluay's works depart from Turkey's diverse cultural structure and richness, while Dinçer Güngörür and senior artist Semra Özümerzifon color the exhibition with sculptures and three dimensional compositions. The exhibition will be open until Jan. 15.

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