And you may kiss the frog

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 26.06.2015 20:22
Updated 26.06.2015 20:33
And you may kiss the frog

In case you love products from the sea, now you can also kiss the frog. There is a new out-of-a-fairy tale restaurant from Gül Ekter, called Kiss the Frog. Offering a fine dining atmosphere and high-quality meals, its menu also offers a casual dining experience as well. The restaurant's decoration reminds me of the French restaurants on the streets of Beverly Hills, California. The mahogany features of the facade are eye-catching. For the meals, very creative tastes featuring tastes of the sea await. My favorite is the bluefin tuna wrap. You must taste the squarely sliced bluefin on the lavash breads. However, do not forget to add the dill fried in olive oil and the strained yogurt with garlic. Nicely subverting the traditional style of eating fish, this meal is both delicious and sincere. The fish served at the restaurant are obtained in a very familiar way too. Called "rod-fish," they are bought from the fishermen of Arnavutköy each day.

My other favorites are the mini salmon burgers, shrimp nachos, fried octopus with thyme and marina salmon with beets; though, I must applause Chef Yusuf Şahin for his idea of wasabi mayonnaise on the mini-burgers. As for the desserts, my favorite was the panna cotta with hashish. The berries fermented around the desert are incredible. I have yet to try their sushi, but the ones I saw on the menu will be my reason for coming back to the place.

Kiss the Frog welcomes you with its golden set of cutlery and white embossed plates. Even the details, such as the napkins having buttonholes in order for individuals to comfortably attach them to their shirts, are taken into consideration. The untied bow-ties of the waiters add sincerity to the service. In order for you to enjoy the vista of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the afternoons and evenings, the place has a cozy seating area on its street side. In short, Ekter did a great job by returning to the sector with Kiss the Frog after 10 years. The good company and the creative tastes of Ekter suit the Bosphorus very well.

Sun and Style

Super and Italian sunglasses recently opened a boutique shop in Kanyon Mall. Although its styles mainly appeal to women and feature crazy designs, such as butterfly frames, the brand has masculine and simple designs as well. The Andy Warhol frames are easily the most unique product line of the store. There are many fancy models reflecting the 1957 designs of the artist. The flat, black glasses are widely used as unisex frames, whose wearers include David Beckham, Usher and Rihanna. Super also features many curved designs. I also noticed that some arms of the styles are located inside the frame. I really liked the arms of the glasses bearing a solid color on the outside while being covered with creative designs on the inside. It represents a humble world from the outside and a crazy one from the inside. I want to congratulate the Turkish representative of the brand, Ercan Saraç.

Pop Up Shopping

Last week, I attended the pop-up shopping event in Les Ottomans organized by Canan Iris and sponsored by Doğuş. It was impossible to recognize the hotel. Adorned with tents, the area around the pool was turned into a bazaar. It included stands representing many boutique brands for women, from accessories and clothes to swimsuits and perfumes. Actually, it reminded me of the pop-up events of Los Angeles and I loved it. Although I could not get anything for myself as a man, the undertaking and the vision it requires deserves recognition. The products offered by Vakko Mare especially caught my attention. The wallets, which were made of sea-shells, and knitted swimsuits were almost works of art. I congratulate Vakko for its Mare concept and their stand's decoration at the event. Additional congratulations go to Iris and her supporters, Doğuş and the hostess of Les Ottoman, Ahu Aysal, who designed the entire fair. The pop-up events will continue with the Summer Spirit concept in September as well. You can follow Iris on Instagram to keep up with the event series. A very sincere and comfortable ambience awaits those who love boutique designs.

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