‘Romeo and Juliet' captivates Turkish hearts this week

Published 03.11.2015 21:12
Updated 03.11.2015 21:15
‘Romeo and Juliet' captivates Turkish hearts this week

"Romeo e Giulietta," a remake stage production of William Shakespeare's masterpiece "Romeo and Juliet," the immortal love story that stimulates sadness and romance at the same time, comes to the Zorlu Performing Arts Center. The show will open tonight and close on Nov. 8. The reinterpretation of Shakespeare's immortal love story will run eight shows. Regarded as "a hymn devoted to beauty and discrepancy" with its music, lyrics and actors by critics, David Zard's production with original stage direction by Giuliano Peparini is sure to enchant. The play's music was composed by Gerard Presgurvic and the lyrics were written by Vincenzo Incenzo. The show, which was seen by over 400,000 people in eight months in Italy, will be performed by 45 artists. The performance promises an unforgettable experience with is flawless choreography and directorship. The play features 23 different scenes and more than 270 different costumes and 40 technicians, a team of six communicators and a production team of 15 people backstage.

The production will come to Istanbul on 13 trucks with scenery, costumes and technical equipment. The show will give life to this immortal story with a 3-D digital stage. The hatred between the two noble families of Verona, the Capulets and the Montegues, cannot prevent the love of two young people, which will seal their faith. While death eternally glorifies love through the tragic suicide of the lovers, it consumes the hostile families with pangs of conscience. Love in Shakespeare's story begins as a human experience but embraces the whole universe. The story of "Romeo e Giulietta" was remade by music with Ama e Cambia il Mondo. Just like in any other original production, the play both respects and betrays the original. The light that illuminates the disagreements and hides the passions returns to the audience with music in this original production and powers up evil while drawing the lines of goodness with light tones. The music and rhythms sometimes symbolize madness and sometimes the abdication of moral values. While a love story is painted, the play highlights the passion, eternal wait and the torture that the two lovers must endure.

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