Italian Republic's 70th anniversary celebrated in Ankara

Published 02.06.2016 00:44
Updated 02.06.2016 00:46
Italian Republic's 70th anniversary celebrated in Ankara

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian Republic, Italian Ambassador to Ankara Luigi Mattiolo introduced the opening of Italian Week hosted by the Next Level Shopping Center in Ankara on Monday. Mattiolo spoke of the excitement of bringing Turkey's people together with the "Italian culture and way of life," emphasizing the "spirit of collaboration" between the two countries.

Following the opening, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) anchorman Çağatay Gökmen's painting exhibition "Venice on My Canvas" was held alongside the introduction of the Italian shoe brand Alberto Guardiani's 2016 Spring Summer Collection. Alfa Romeo cars, Ducati motorcycles and Vespa scooters were also displayed in the event.

As Italian Week events will be held throughout the week, the Italian funky jazz band A Steam Jazz Band will play live on June 3-4.

As part of the event series, gastronomic events such as the pasta show with Barilla Cooking Academy or the pizza and ravioli ateliers held by Midpoint, Mezzaluna and Harvey Nichols Mag Lounge, the Italian Cuisine will be interactively events.

A mini Italian language course will be held, teaching Italian gestures, while a member of the audience will win a free Italian course. Customers at the shopping center will further be able to enjoy a price reduction for Italian brands throughout the week and will have the chance to win a cruise vacation to Italy and France.

On June 4, a Carnival of Venice-themed masquerade party will be thrown with DJs. Italian Week will end on Sunday with events for children.

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