Countdown starts for Design Turkey

Published 11.08.2016 22:49
Updated 11.08.2016 22:50
Countdown starts for Design Turkey

Organized with support from the Economy Ministry as a TURQUALITY program event, the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards is one of the largest awards organizations in the innovation and branding field. Design Turkey awards good design in the Turkish industrial sphere. Since the first year it was held, with 1,500 applications and approximately 300 products awarded in different categories, the Design Turkey Awards feature the only systematic evaluation of Turkey's field of industrial design. The Design Turkey Awards is being held for the fifth time this year; it brings creative designs that steer Turkish industry to the forefront and enables awarded designs branding in Turkey and in international fields. The deadline for applications is Aug. 31. The awards ceremony will be conducted as part of Turkey Design Week. Panels, conferences and workshops will be part of the organization with the participation of well-known designers, universities, design schools, industrialists and academics in the fields of industrial design, fashion design and visual communication design.

There are award categories for 13 industries, including packaging, lighting, electronics, home appliances, home and office equipment, public and commercial products, furniture, sports, hobby, game and personal products, transportation and carrying devices, building materials, investment products and medical equipment. Applications will be available only for products that have been produced with industrial methods and introduced into the market between Jan. 1, 2014 and June 30, 2016, whose designers, producers or brand owners are Turkish citizens. There is also another category, the Conceptual Design Awards, designed to support creative ideas that can point the way for the industry in the future in which design projects are evaluated that are not included for production. This year, the finalists that rank among the top three in industrial design-context unity competitions can apply to the conceptual design category directly.

The products that pass pre-selection will be evaluated in three categories, the Good Design Award, Outstanding Design Award and Conceptual Design Award, and on a sector basis by an international jury with more than 30 design authorities, as is the case every year. Products will be evaluated based on criteria such as the innovation they bring, the differences they present, their responsiveness to user need, their functionality and their aesthetic values. Designs awarded in the competition, which is meant to promote Turkey's branding with design, will direct industrialists about the features that a good design should have and also it will be an important guide in the determination of the right design strategies in the product development process. Winning designs will be promoted both in national and international platforms through exhibitions and publications.

The awards ceremony will be between Oct. 18 and Oct. 22. The events will include exhibitions and runway shows of the product and projects by the finalists of the design competitions held throughout the year. The designs that are awarded in globally prestigious design competitions will also be part of the event as well as national and international project exhibitions of design centers and design offices. The event will bring together partners in design fields under the same roof and will form an integrated design ecosystem.

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