A woman's journey of self-discovery comes to theater stage

A woman's journey of self-discovery comes to theater stage

"Yolculuğum" (My Journey), which premieres Oct. 22 at the Ezop Stage in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, presents a heart-warming story for those who have weight-loss problems.

Actor Ethel Mulinas' story, written in intensive care after her gastrectomy, has been adapted for the theater stage by Murat İpek and directed by Çiçek Dilligil. While the decor of the play belongs to Apo Kaya, the lighting is by Ayşe Sedef Ayter and the costumes have been designed by Hazal Bağcı.

Mulinas' sincere story will inspire all theater lovers. In the play, Mulinas talks about how she decided on surgery that changed her life and her quest for love - in short, her story of existence. Mulinas managed to lose 85 kilograms and continues to lose more.

Mulinas describes her own story as "a woman's journey to love herself again." "Yolculuğum" is a heart-felt comedy that deals with a woman's grief. Following its premiere on Oct. 22, the play will be performed at Karşı Sanat Merkezi in İzmir on Oct. 26 and returns to the stage in Istanbul on Oct. 31.

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