State Opera and Ballet festivals heat up the summer

Published 09.08.2017 23:49

The General Directorate of the State Opera and Ballet is organizing festivals throughout the summer for an estimated 35,000 people. Following their performances on permanent stages, the State Opera and Ballet staged festivals in different places across Turkey during the first days of June.

Having organized the Istanbul Ballet Competition and Festival successfully following the Istanbul Opera Festival, which was held in June, the State Opera and Ballet performed Turkish and oriental works at various festivals.

During the Istanbul International Opera Festival, "Attila," "Mehmed the Conqueror," "Luxury Life," "The Abduction from the Seraglio," "Birjan and Sara," "Unexpected Meetings" and "A Gala Concert" were performed. Opening the Bodrum International Ballet Festival with the ballet of "Wren" ("Çalıkuşu") with Turkish classical music on July 24, the State Opera and Ballet conducted an extraordinary event along with the greens and blues of Bodrum.

Bringing ballet to Bodrum last week, the State Opera and Ballet hosted enthusiasts from the areas surrounding Bodrum as well as different places in Turkey.

At the festival, both Carlos Sauro Group's "Flamenco Hoy"

and "Afife," which depicts the life of legendary theater actress Afife Jale, took the stage along with "Wren."

While the İzmir State Opera and Ballet staged a performance of "Karbala," the Ankara State Opera and Ballet put on a great night with "Tangos" on Aug. 2. Hosted by the Bodrum International Ballet Festival, the Moscow Academic Classical Ballet Theater staged Alexandre Dumas' immortal piece titled, "The Lady of the Camellias."

Mediterranean nights heat up with art

The State Opera and Ballet will organize the 21st International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival on Aug. 30, following up on their success in the ongoing Bodrum festival.

Classic works such as "Hercules," "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Aida," "La Traviata," "Harem," "Attila" and "Tosca" will be on stage at popular holiday destinations all summer.

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