Antalya children to conclude August with arts

Published 21.08.2017 23:26
Updated 21.08.2017 23:29
Antalya children to conclude August with arts

The Antalya Culture and Arts Center (AKS) has prepared an education program that will be held from today to Aug. 27 of art and workshops in parallel with the exhibitions "Portraits from the Empire" and "Ernst Krickl's Lykia Dairy, 1892." Participants will firstly visit the exhibition with an instructor and later participate in different projects with various art materials, such as canvas, acrylic paint, dough, spatulas, brushes, sponges and fabric in the workshops for age groups 4 and 6 to and 7 to 12. Participation in the workshops is limited and reservation is needed.

Sponge Print is a workshop where children will listen to a "Thousand and One Nights" and will draw according to the things in their minds after the story today.

Children who attend the My Log workshop will observe the line of Smyrna (İzmir) and Adalya (Antalya) from Ernst Krickl's "Lykia Dairy" album and then design their own albums today.

In the Open-Close Eye and Draw workshop, children will first visit the exhibition and then try to draw something they remember from it. Children will enjoy reproducing in the process of remembering and drawing tomorrow.

In the workshop Portraits Fleeing the Palace, children will first draw the portraits they remember from the exhibition and then they put these portraits into the two- or three- dimensional places taking them from the palace tomorrow.

Playing with Wood is a workshop where children can discover their abilities and improve their imaginations and creativity by working on semi-structured models on Aug. 24.

My Palace Painting is a workshop where children learn how to paint with materials such as sponges, spatulas and brushes and in many different ways, set to take place on Aug. 25.

Create Your Own Cloth is a workshop where children will observe Ottoman clothes in order to comment on the paintings and then design clothes themselves. They will then dress a manikin in the clothes they design on Aug. 25.

Children draw their own portraits with the help of the mirrors at the My Reflection on the Mirror workshop. They will complete their portraits with additional materials on Aug. 26.

My Cup from Dough offers children the chance to observe the pitcher and cup made of blue-white porcelain in Jules Joseph Lefebvre's painting "Servant," and then they will learn the basic ceramic methods using PonArt model clay and ceramic materials. Children will make their own ceramic cups by kneading clay, giving it shape and painting it on Aug. 27.

In My Kaftan Design, children will make two-dimensional representations with Pon-Art model clay inspired by the costumes in the exhibition on Aug. 27.

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