Painter reveals his own 'inner mythology' at exhibit

Published 12.10.2017 00:05
Updated 12.10.2017 00:06
Ahmet Özel, Gate of the Paradise, 77x40 cm.
Ahmet Özel, "Gate of the Paradise," 77x40 cm.

Painter Ahmet Özel's 26th solo exhibition, "Moments," opens tomorrow at Gallery Bohem and runs until Oct. 31. Participating in many events and exhibitions at home and abroad, he has prepared a collection of his latest works that combine themes such as divine atmosphere, shaman, cure, heaven, angel and seeds with the concept moment. Various pieces by the artist, such as oil paintings on canvas and collages, are represented. Noting he creates his paintings with symbols from his inner mythology in particular, the artist implies feelings. He says that feelings about his environment and his own feelings are influential in his works.

Özel, who especially deals with forms of healing in his latest exhibition, uses an abstract style. "Abstract style is actually hidden in ourselves. It is the real reflection of forms and styles waiting to be revealed. Even if I have a traditional abstract style, the things that I have produced are extremely realistic," Özel told Daily Sabah.

Noting the timelessness of his pieces, he describes this timelessness as an eternal sea of meaning. He says that there is a life against this concept of time in "Moments." "I think 'Moments' is a reflection that is shaped with all of our past lives and a breakwhere past and future intersect. I have tried to turn this reflection into an artistic form," Özel said.

People wanting to see the combination of such themes can visit "Moments," which is an inner memory of the artist himself, at Gallery Bohem.

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