Turkish star Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ sues accountant for $1 million fraud

Published 28.10.2017 14:26
Updated 29.10.2017 09:33
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Famous Turkish actor and model Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ pressed charges against his old accountant for allegedly defrauding him nearly $1 million over by pocketing the money he was paid for the actor's taxes.

According to the report of Dilek Yaman from Sabah daily, Tatlıtuğ filed a petition to the prosecutor's office when he was notified on Sept. 29 that he has over 3.5 million Turkish liras debt in taxes and interest.

Upon learning his debt, Tatlıtuğ wanted to reach to his old accountant Erdal D. as he regularly paid his taxes, but could not reach him.

In the petition filed by his lawyer, Tatlıtuğ claimed that he transferred hefty amounts of money to his accountant in different dates for his services and the taxes he was supposed to pay on his behalf. However, the accountant allegedly kept his records as he made the payments, but kept the money for himself.

The petition said that the accountant had caused Tatlıtuğ TL 3.5 million ($923,000) material damage.

Tatlıtuğ, who became famous after winning the Best Model of the World contest in 2002, is currently among the most popular and highest paid actors in Turkey.

In addition to Turkey, he has a quite fervent fan base in the Middle East and the rest of the world amid the rise of the popularity of Turkish soap operas.

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