Fatma Zeynep Çilek's second solo exhibition 'Face Book' opens

Fatma Zeynep Çilek's second solo exhibition 'Face Book' opens

Young artist Fatma Zeynep Çilek's second solo exhibition, "Face Book," opened at MERKUR on March 3. Çilek brings together Seljuk and modern women, while focusing on the encounter of Turkish women with their roots and the story of Turkish women's aesthetical touches in her new exhibition, which can be seen until March 31.

Çilek says: "Women are not a millstone or wheat grain. They are not water or bed, as well. They are not wind or leaf not a bit. They don't get caught in the flow and don't drift. In Turkish society, Turkish women haven't always been behind the curtains or niqab (face veil). Turkish women's place in history is very quite different from all the fiction that comes to our mind. They have bazaars, markets, inns, bathhouses, cuisines, hospitals built; they have entertained their guests in the mansion. They had influence at the feast and the council. Moreover, Turkish women have designed their own aesthetics. Headlines, clothes are signs from the Seljuk period that prove that."

Many familiar portraits combined with the faces of Seljuk women and the motifs of the period come together in "Face Book" to confront visitors.

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