'A Cyclical Odyssey' on display

'A Cyclical Odyssey' on display

Süleyman Saim Tekcan's comprehensive exhibition, "A Cyclical Odyssey" opened at the beginning of March. While the artist was working, he also created a special collection of his previous pieces and an anthology proper to the content of the exhibit with the curatorial and design team. The exhibition opened at the Beş Kubbe Hall of the Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center in Mimar Sinan University's Fine Arts Faculty on March 3, and will continue until March 30.

Curated by Dilek Karaaziz Şener, the exhibition was installed by graphic designer Yeşim Demir and architect Nevzat Sayın. A special collection of paintings and statues from different periods of the artist's production is on display. There are also new piece that Tekcan prepared especially for this exhibition, including a 3.5-meter-tall aluminum statue.

'Every exhibition a door that opens to artist's time'

Curator Şener said: "Tekcan's cyclical odyssey is presented in the exhibition. Firstly, the abstract and concrete conditions are separated by a thin line. The roots of the geography that inspired him and his childhood reach the viewer from his imaginative world. He is a person who is kneaded by art. He progresses on a platform where he is aware of what he wants to do. He plays with style, adds expression and body in the intellectual context in knots and stays away from droning wells, producing continuously.

"Feeding on sources, being inspired from the journey between the layers of his geography, factors transferred with collective or individual memory meet in his art. The questioning in the existence of art leads us again to the source of the art. Tekcan's proposition opens two ways and combines these at one point. One of them is his being an artist inspired by his source and the second is that he is loyal to the principle of connecting his years to each other. Where these two ways are combined is the liberation of form. There are trending themes, known details, meanings full of secrets, a certain style in the pieces that are loyal to the content in the exhibition."

The exhibition presents a timeline of the artist in a retrospective, reflecting a different aspect of Tekcan, showing pieces from different periods and how these affected each other. Periodicity is not a focus of interest. Where artistic concerns are prominent, surfaces address patterns and patterns mingle with oil paint. Surface-volume readings are provided with the statues.

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