Digital transformation of libraries, archives, museums underway

Published 19.07.2018 00:00
The Library, Archive and Museum Managers Congress and Exhibition will bring together professionals of libraries, archives and museums in Antalya.
The Library, Archive and Museum Managers Congress and Exhibition will bring together professionals of libraries, archives and museums in Antalya.

The libraries and museums of the future will be shaped at the KAM ‘18 Congress and Exhibition,' which will focus on archiving technologies, new systems for libraries and museums

A new vision is introduced to the fields of library, archive and museology with the use of new technologies such as the Internet of objects, 3-D archiving and big data. The experts engaged in these fields and who have an important mission of preserving cultural heritage and transferring them to future generations will get to learn about the new dimensions of digital transformation and innovative solutions in the Library, Archive and Museum Managers Congress and Exhibition (KAM '18) that will be held between Nov. 29 and Dec.1.

The KAM Workshop was organized under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to preserve the cultural heritage of libraries, archives and museums and to use contemporary information and technologies in this respect.

Kam '18 has been ongoing for the past four years continues with international participation carrying the synergy and information accumulation to a large platform. It will meet all the professionals of libraries, archives and museums at Antalya Maritime Pine Beach Resort, Belek.

The exhibition is organized with the motivation to promote Turkish cultural heritage and will take place with the cooperation of Prime Ministry State Archives General Directorate, General Directorate of Higher Education, Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Atatürk Culture, Language and History Higher Board (Turkish History Institute) and the Republic of Turkey Presidency Promotion Fund.

The content is expanded this year and aims to play an active role in the protection, development and promotion of cultural heritage. At KAM '18, where issues such as effective use of contemporary information and technologies, communication technologies, restoration, conservation, new service models and new standards to be developed, visionary buildings and equipment, the managers and experts of all libraries, archives and museums, research and development, technology and service sector professionals will come together.

As explained by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, "I hope we will take a new step and establish national kıraathanes (traditional coffee houses based around a library concept). The national kıraathanes will bring a new soul to the social life."

The national kıraathane project will also stand out as an agenda article of KAM '18. The participation of expert academics will also contribute to this. The project will revive an old tradition and the innovations and implementation models will be discussed at the congress.

The organizing company Ekspotürk's founding partner Feyzullah Akben noted that continuing an experience and tradition that has been ongoing throughout centuries is a key step in establishing a bright future.

"We focused on determining the services that have been carried out for protecting cultural identities and transferring them to future generations, the problems and developing new approaches and suggestions on the preservation thereof. With the KAM '18 Congress and Exhibition, we are ready to carry out our duties for developing and expanding the sociological, cultural and economic dimension of Turkish cultural heritage in the international arena. Therefore, we wanted to explain the theme of this year's event where IoT, 3-D archiving of works, virtual library and museums will be discussed as 'digital transformation'," said Akben.

Designed as a multi-faceted event holding a light on new ideas, innovation, research and development works and sectoral developments, there will be panels, sessions, special presentations, courses and also presentations, slides and movie screenings will take place on libraries, archives and museums. There will be unique workshops with the theme "cultural heritage" in ceramics, sculpture, water marbling and tile art and social and cultural events.

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