'Homecoming' for exhibit after touring Spain, Portugal and France

Published 16.11.2018 00:24
Updated 16.11.2018 00:26
'Homecoming' for exhibit after touring Spain, Portugal and France

"Homecoming," a group exhibition 70 Turkish artists, will be held at Istanbul's Gallery Diani after completing a tour of Spain, France and Portugal.

Curated by artist Şükrü Karakuş the exhibition showcases some 140 artworks by masters like Ergin İnan, Süleyman Saim Tekcan, Gülseren Südor, Karakuş himself and a number of talented young artists. The exhibitions will be held between Dec. 8 and Dec. 29.

Talking about the exhibition, Karakuş said: "When you go on a journey, you cannot know about the adventures waiting for you. You cannot know who you will come across, talk to, look at or who will look at you. However, the case is different for those you left back home - your mother, father, children, spouse or partner. They go on sustaining their daily routine and wait for you to return home. Just like the relationship between an artist and their work."

"A work of art goes on a journey after the process it experiences at the atelier. The last one to look at the piece is its artist. After that, it meets curious spectators at different venues. This meeting transforms into a potential space where the space between the artist and the spectator gets nullified; their looks coincide and their direct and indirect relations come together. No matter how the work of art preserves the state of being singular, it becomes plural as the point where glances meet and get shared. If it doesn't stop anywhere to be exhibited, this state of transformation into the plural returns to the artist, to its home."

With "Homecoming" Karakuş went on a world tour and brought together the leading figures of Turkish art and foreign art lovers. Bringing it back home to Turkey with the same sense of excitement, the exhibition will turn into a festive occasion for the new year.

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